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    We’ve built our logistics, transportation, supply chain, purchasing, and third party seller processes to prioritize stocking and
    delivering essential items. We’re providing a vital service to people everywhere. People are keeping trust on us. The spirit of continuous
    improvement and the commitment to operational excellence go on as we find new ways to enhance our business, to make better
    use of technology and to work more closely together

    We Love to Serve

    Qcoom is an e-commerce site which provides every kind of goods and products from every sector to every consumer located in Bangladesh.
    The world’s market place will be only finger-tips away for any customer in possession of a smartphone/computer and an internet connection.
    They will be able to purchase everything from our website. We have gathered the brightest minds of Bangladesh and given them the platform
    to perform to their fullest extent.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to enhance customer service of online merchants, boost their customer retention and increase their sales.
    We strive to improve the overall image of the online merchant and therefore stimulate growth of online shopping. We put our efforts to
    increase customer satisfaction when consumers deal with retailers, to enhance the interaction process when retailers communicate with
    consumers, and to streamline the problem resolution order in all possible ways.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people. To be the best quick service experience. Being the best means providing
    outstanding quality, service and value.


    Ownership & Management

    Md Ripan Mia
    Company CEO
    Experience: 11 years

    Ayub Ali
    Company Chairman
    Experience: 16 years